About the Salon

The Wharton Salon is a professional theatre company that performs the stories of American novelist Edith Wharton and her contemporaries in site-specific locations, offering a unique intimacy between author, actor, and audience; and drawing connections between literature, architecture, and nature.

History: The Wharton Salon was formed in 2009 by Producing Artistic Director, Catherine Taylor-Williams; Managing Director, Lauryn Franzoni; Dennis Krausnick, Playwright; Susan Wissler, Executive Director of The Mount and photographer and branding strategist, Kevin Sprague. The Salon also includes dozens of actors, designers, faithful supporters and you, our audience. The Salon is an independent professional theatre company, fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas in New York City, and performs in partnership with The Mount in Lenox, MA, Edith Wharton’s former home.

Pictured: A selection of photos from the first four seasons of The Wharton Salon: Xingu (2009) Summer (2010), Autres Temps (2011) The Inner House (2012). Coming Soon! Two By Wharton: The Quicksand and The Looking Glass (2013).  Photos by Kevin Sprague and David Dashiell.


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